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Different Types of OEM Brake Parts

Different Types of OEM Brake Parts

An OEM brake repair kit is a product manufactured by a company that is an official member of the Automobile Industry Association (ATA). This means that they are granted certification by the organization and are required to sell their brake parts in accordance with their standards. Before you purchase an OEM brake repair kit, it is important that you know what type of brake pads you have. If you have an automatic car, it means that you have either OEM brake pads or DOT brake pads. Other automobile make/model names may be DBA, Remstar or Pace-Matic.

The next step you should take is to purchase a good repair manual and a repair kit for your car. Your vehicle's model and year are the first things that you need to focus on. Next, look at how many different types of brake parts are available for your car. This will determine the kind of OEM brake part that you will need for your car.

Many car owners who purchase OEM brake pads use them only when their car breaks down. However, there are other people who prefer to keep using their original brake pads. If you want to keep using your original brake pads, you should replace the OEM pads with the new ones once your car breaks down. This will allow you to retain the value of your car since you have the right to change the brake part when your vehicle breaks down.