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The Casted Brake Shoe is a part of a brake system that is constructed in two main sections

Casted Brake Shoe

The Casted Brake Shoe is a part of a brake system that is constructed in two main sections: the drag section and the cope section. These two sections are complementary to one another. The brake shoe is formed by pouring hot metal into a mold cavity. This metal is preferably a ductile iron. The molten metal flows through a runner 54 and gates 55 and 56 to the brake shoe mold cavity, forming the curved table section 14 and rib section 15. The curved table section 14 consists of a curved outer surface 16, a parallel inner curved surface 17, and a curved bottom wall 44 with two curved recesses 18 and 19.

The Casted Brake Shoe is used for brake pads and can be purchased from a reputable brake pad manufacturer. NeoBrake is an authorized dealer for this product, and you can order yours from them directly. If you are unsure of the size of the brake shoe you need, you can order one from a distributor or wholesaler.

The outer curved surface of the brake shoe is cast on the final size, thus reducing the overall value of the molded component. This streamlined process also reduces production time. Casted brake shoes are also stronger and lighter than conventional molded elements. They are also easier to maintain and require less maintenance compared to their molded counterparts.

The Casted Brake Shoe is the latest advancement in brake footwear. Traditionally, brake shoes have been made of two separate sections, the rib section and the table section. However, the rib section and table section are formed from one piece, making the Casted Brake Shoe a lighter weight product.

Another aspect of the Casted Brake Shoe is that it is designed to flex. This feature allows for a more effective friction surface. The curved surface of the shoe is also necessary for the mounting of a brake lining. Its design is unique in this way. In addition, the Casted Brake Shoe increases the service life of a brake shoe.

The Casted Brake Shoe is also light weight compared to its tubular counterpart. However, it is durable and strong enough to support any vehicle. It can also be made into different shapes. Moreover, a Casted Brake Shoe has a lower cost. This type of brake shoe is easy to manufacture and has many advantages over its tubular counterpart.

Another advantage of the Casted Brake Shoe is its simplicity. Unlike other types of brake shoes, it does not require machining to finish the table section. It also permits mounting of brake lining on the cast outer surface. This makes the Casted Brake Shoe an extremely versatile brake shoe.

Casted Brake Shoes use friction materials to provide brake force. As such, their friction coefficients can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements.

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