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Advantages of a Casted Brake Shoe

Compared to its tubular counterpart, a Casted Brake Shoe is lightweight and flexible. It can be molded into any desired shape, making it ideal for support in a wide variety of vehicles. Its light weight also makes it easier to manufacture. This article will discuss the advantages of a Casted Brake Shoe. Its main advantages include:

A casting mold has three sections. The table forming section 38 communicates with the longitudinal recess 45 and a curved surface 37. These sections cooperate to form a mold cavity for bosses 22 and 23 of the brake shoe. The mold cavity is surrounded by a top and bottom wall. The mold cavity forms the top, table, and rib sections of the brake shoe. In addition, the mold cavity is designed to accommodate a pin.

A cast brake shoe also has a table section that is curved. It is cast in a mold that also includes the drag and cope sections. The table section's axis of curvature is substantially parallel to the parting planes of the mold sections, thereby forming a smooth brake shoe. Once the brake shoe is cast, it undergoes heat treatment to improve its mechanical properties. This reduces the overall cost and production time of a Casted Brake Shoe.

To reduce the amount of porosity in a brake shoe, it's necessary to improve the mold design. A mould with low riser modulus can improve the feed of the molten metal during the casting process. It can also reduce the porosity without forming cavities. Casting brake shoes can be made of any suitable metal, including cast steel, but ductile iron is more preferred for railway brake shoes.

The Casted Brake Shoe is a vital part of a vehicle's braking system. It is molded on a perforated metal backing plate, which eliminates the need for a separate separating line. In addition to reducing production time, a Casted Brake Shoe is heat-resistant and features a high friction coefficient. Depending on the application, an optional friction modifier or binders can reduce noise during the braking process.

The Zhejiang Bangchi Auto Parts Co., Ltd brake shoe is an advanced high-carbon ductile cast iron that is lightweight and durable. Its weight is dramatically lower than the old cast iron shoes. As a result, the Zhejiang Bangchi Auto Parts Co., Ltd is the only choice for maximum braking power and extended service life. So, it's important to choose the correct brake shoe for your vehicle. Zhejiang Bangchi Auto Parts Co., Ltd About the Advantages of a Casted Brake Shoe

A Casted Brake Shoe's benefits are considerable. It is cheaper and has a much longer lifespan than cast iron shoes, but it requires new maintenance patterns. The ordinary cast iron brake shoe is designed for low-speed passenger trains. But high-speed brakes are available with higher phosphorus content and an alloy element. You'll know when you're in need of a Casted Brake Shoe when it comes to your car's brakes.