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Different Types Of Brake Shoes And Pads

A brake shoe is the component of a braking system that carries the brake fluid in the brake drums in the drum brake systems used in trains, or cars, or bicycle wheels. A brake shoe is a movable device that is placed on a drum to slow-down railway cars, or bicycles, and is called brake shoe. The shoes, as well as brake pads, carry a certain amount of heat away from the wheels, thus protecting them during a sudden braking process.

When you apply pressure to the pedal and the brake shoe at the same time, the heat generated causes a friction effect that causes the wheels to slow down. The amount of friction depends on the type of material (in this case, the material is usually plastic, but it can be metal). The best known material used for the brake shoe and pad is nylon. But, there are other materials that can be used. The most important thing to know before buying a brake shoe, is what kind of material the shoe is made of, so you know if you have the right one for your car or motorcycle.

Brake pads are not considered to be a part of the brake shoe, even though they are placed directly under the pedal. The pads do an important job. They stop the car from moving straight ahead when applying. When the driver applies more pressure on the brake pedals, the amount of friction increases. Usually, most drivers use three to five brake pads, depending on their normal driving style.

Brake liners are another important part of your braking system. A liner fits between the drum and the rim. The liner serves to prevent dust, debris, road debris, etc, from entering into the brake shoe, which would reduce its effectiveness and make it less efficient. There is usually a metal liner in front of the disc, which fits tightly and channels the braking torque to the rotor. The metal liner has to be very sturdy, because it is constantly under constant heat and friction from the discs. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the metal.

When shopping for a new brake shoe, check whether it features a front or rear drum. The front drum, called the "piston cup", contains more material than the rear drum. The purpose of this extra material is to absorb the road shock absorbed by the disc. Usually, the rear drum is made up of two pieces: a drum liner and a drum body. The rear drum does not have a liner but has a steel liner that channels the braking torque to the rotor.

When looking for quality brakes, brake shoes and pads are the first things to look for. When shopping for these, always opt for those that are made by the same company as your car's engine. This way, you can be sure of getting the best product at the most affordable price. Another thing to remember is to go for pads that match the make and model of your car. A universal fit will give you the right fit and save you money.