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The brake shoe carries the brake lining inside the brake drum system

Steel Brake Shoe Sets

Steel Brake Shoes are usually made to last for around 15000 to 200000 kilometers, depending on their condition. A new pair of brake shoes will need to be replaced if the stopping power varies from a normal range. Brake shoes are made of steel and are very durable, offering good resistance to wear and noise. However, they need to be replaced periodically or whenever they stop working properly. If you notice uneven stopping power, it is probably time to replace the Steel Brake Shoe.

The brake shoe carries the brake lining inside the brake drum system. They are curved metal pieces with a lining made of friction material on one side. These shoes apply tremendous pressure to the wheel during engagement and must remain free of the wheel at rest to prevent the vehicle from skidding. When brake pads wear out, they expose the brake shoe's surface, which causes friction and damages it. Disc brakes, on the other hand, do not cause this problem.

A Steel Brake Shoe has two main purposes: preventing your car from skidding and slowing down. First, they slow down your car by applying friction to the rotor disc, which is a steel disc. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, the brake pads squeeze against the rotor disc. As a result, you're able to slow your car down and come to a stop. It's a vital component of the brake system.

A steel brake shoe is the most durable material used in your car's braking system. If your brake shoes contain iron, this will cause the bond between the shoe and the drum to weaken. If your car has steel brake shoes, the friction will be a clear advantage. And steel brake shoes are also very noticeable compared to aluminum discs. So, when you're considering a new set, make sure to read up on the benefits of using steel brake shoes in your car.

A steel brake shoe is used in many types of vehicle braking systems. It carries the brake lining and is connected to the brake drum through hold-down hardware. The friction between the shoes and drum generates heat. This heat dissipates during braking. However, modern cars use disc brakes all round - front and rear - which dissipate heat faster. Despite this, a steel brake shoe is still the best choice for parking brakes.

4719ES2 Brake Shoe

Part Number:4719ES2

Product Size:16.5"*5"mm

Number of rivet holes:20

Product OE number: EATON 819705